Parkinson’s and Eye blinking

Parkinson’s disease does not affect the eyes’ ability to see but there can be some eye-related concern.

Due to the mask-like face that some patients can experience, there can be a decreased rate of automatic blinking .

Though Eye movement disorders do not always cause functional problem many people as they age may not bother.

However,lack of eye coordination, people experience double vision when looking in certain direction. Some people who have this problem do not complain of double vision, but say that their eyes tire quickly when they read

I had cataract removal surgery in 2001. As the result my cornea is wide and thin besides I have dry eyes(no tears). I am not a candidate to do lasar surgery. Further I have parkinson’s disease. I use eye drops 4 times a day to clean my dry eyes. It relieves eye tiredness and is helpful for my vision. Eye blinking 3-4 times a day, helpful your eye coordination and  increase rate of automatic blinking thus relieve your vision from tirednesss. It could help by patching one eye  to ease the problems of double vision.

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